About Us

Our division was founded in 2015, as a natural evolution of our 12 year background in high quality recruitment and staffing solutions to the public sector.

We formed our specialist projects division as a response to the growing need for a more holistic, cost-effective delivery solution to the pressures experienced in Adults' and Children's Services across the UK. Our mission is to provide public services with a uniquely collaborative and consultative service so that we can work hand-in-hand to transform lives. We aim to make a positive, lasting impact on people and communities through a health and social care service built on experience and partnership.

Our flexibility, expertise and extensive resources allow us to provide support which is specifically tailored to your organisation, and to deliver effective results every time.

We offer:


Our Approach


We engage with Local Authority departments who may benefit from a project-managed, outsourced services provision across their Children's or Adults Service departments, and follow a simple process to ensure we deliver what's needed to achieve the right outcomes in your services.  Before starting work, we will develop a Scope of Requirements and develop a bespoke Proposal that fits with your situation.

Scope of Requirements

We meet with your senior management team and spend time to understand the challenges you are facing, how your services are delivered internally and what is required in order to make any necessary improvements.


Once we have a good understanding of your situation, we present a proposal for your consideration. This includes a project plan, delivery model, staffing structure and Quality Assurance, all at a fixed price.


All of our projects follow the three-stage approach below...

More about our approach:

Our implementation phase mobilises the service and ensures a smooth transition. During this time, we work with you to devise clear processes, reporting mechanisms, KPIs and arrange access to IT systems.

The project team is deployed and we manage cases, reporting regularly on performance against agreed KPIs, whilst guaranteeing statutory timescales. Any issues are escalated through agreed channels via our QA Framework.

Our aim is to leave you in a better position for the future through learning and development. Our dedicated staff trial new forms of practice, reduce caseloads, benchmark services, provide in-depth analysis, review recruitment and engagement practices and more...