London Borough Council


“ICS Assessment Services have been extremely thorough in their completion of the review project and assessing the needs of our clients. Their work has provided a much-needed contribution to our efficiency targets, as they have identified appropriate savings in a sizable number of cases... and achieved an excellent cost-to-benefit ratio.

We have found the team responsive to our needs and excellent value for money. We would gladly recommend ICS to any other Council."

Assistant Director, London Borough Council


Care Act Reviews and Reassessments: OP, LD, PD

Due to economic and demand pressures, this London Council experienced a backlog of client reviews across their Older People, Learning and Physical Disabilities teams. As a result, they were unable to review cases within the required timescales.

ICS Assessment Services undertook a review of 597 clients in receipt of various care and support services, and established £693,741 of efficiency savings through identifying appropriate, more efficiency packages of care, representing a 3.55:1 Return on Investment to the Council.

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved £693,741 worth of estimated savings, identifying efficiencies in provision, utilisation of universal support and re-modelling of care
  • 597 reviews of clients in receipt of various care and support packages
  • Utilised Council’s standard templates for consistency
  • Direct, secure upload to Council management system
  • Follow-on actions allocated to relevant Council teams to reduce internal administrative workloads
  • 29% of clients assessed as requiring reduced packages of support, representing efficiency savings to the Council
  • 3.55:1 Return on Investment on project costs


The authority had a number of staffing challenges which had resulted in a backlog of reviews requiring external support to process. It was also felt that some of the cases and support packages were historic and could be reviewed in light of new universal service offerings and reablement support services.

ICS Assessment Services was commissioned to undertake up to 600 reviews of clients in receipt of various care and support services within supported living, home care, residential environments and those in receipt of direct payments. The purpose of these reviews was to focus on maximising service user independence and reducing reliance on statutory services, ensuring support is fairly and appropriately allocated. We are providing on-going support to the Council, having recently set up a specialist Learning Disabilities Review Team.

All of our assessors were supported by an experienced Project Lead, who provided professional oversight of the completed assessments – ensuring they meet Barnet’s standards and were proportionate to each clients’ needs. We ensured each review maximised service user independence, reduced reliance on statutory services, ensured fairly and appropriately allocated support, and increased access to local, mainstream and universal support services.