Children in Need

50% 40% 6,000 3.6:1
Reduction in workloads Increase in Throughput Care Act Reviews Return of Investment
50% 40%
Reduction in workloads Increase in Throughput
6,000 3.6:1
Care Act Reviews Return of Investment

Care Act Reviews, Reassessments and Initial Assessments

In just 12 months of the average customer receiving care and support via their Local Authority, over a third (33%) of all individuals experience a change to their needs, or the support that they require becomes inappropriate and disproportionate to maximising their independence.

For every 1,000 individuals, there are missed opportunities for any of those in longer-term care, that are not able to receive a timely, best practice Care Act Review, utilising the individuals’ experience and the latest knowledge of care and support provision in their market.

Delivering expert Care Act Review and Assessment Services 

ICS Assessment Services have conducted over 6,000 Care Act Reviews, Reassessments and Initial Assessments working with individuals with Continuing Healthcare (CHC) needs, those with Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health and Older People.

Providing Care Act Review & Assessment Services across 15 Local Authorities, we have reviewed over £90m in care packages across England and Wales and commissioned over £7m in annualised savings by ensuring that on-going care and support is proportionate to needs and that. With around a 7.5% reduction in budgetary costs, our services represent an average Return of Investment (RoI) of 3.6:1 across Adults and Transitions’ care and support.

How we work

Our pool of specialist Social Work Assessors are trained in strengths-based approaches using the latest DHSC (Feb 2019) guidance and their experience of working in nearly every Authority in the UK over the past 20 years, allowing us to be flexible and considerate to the individual processes and procedures local health & care systems have to navigate.  We utilise best practice approaches such as the three conversations model, focusing on promoting the independence of customers whilst being mindful to the availability and quality of market provision.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) Lead audits every assessment against our bespoke audit tool, which has been developed through our experience of delivering services since 2015.  Our process ensures all documentation exceeds the required standards, is Care Act compliant and recommendations are logical, proportionate and appropriate to the circumstances.