Commissioning in Focus

Monday, November 20, 2017

Commissioning is a process that public sector organisations use to plan, procure, deliver and evaluate services for local residents. As a process (and also a concept) commissioning has a corporate “ivory tower” undertone and is not often connected with social work practice.

I discuss a new approach with Rutland County Council's Head of Commissioning Karen Kibblewhite - focused on thinking about commissioning at a local level, providing social workers with the tools and methods to ensure that its customers receive not only quality care, but value for money for them and the local economy.

A New Approach

In partnership with the Council, we developed a plan of action to review the cost of commissioned care and, where it did not meet our defined value for money thresholds, negotiate the best possible price going forward - all whilst maintaining the quality, frequency and content of the care packages provided to Adults, Children and SEN customers in the region.

 You can read the article here.