Meet Elly Davis, our Service Manager for Adults

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Elly Davis is our Service Manager for Adults. Before joining us, Elly was MCA/DOLS lead at Salford City Council for 8 years where she was instrumental in getting services ready for DoLS. Elly has over 15 years’ experience gained in advocacy, social care and health services. She was part of the Department of Health IMCA pilot and set up IMCA services in 7 local authorities and was also co-chair of the Northwest MCA Leads group. Elly now supports our projects to operate well and builds good working relationships with our clients.

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What does a typical day look like for you?

Like many others due to Covid, many of us are working at home now. My day is varied and does not always follow the path I think it is going to! 

  • Firstly, I check my emails to see what has come in overnight. Many of our project workers are active in the late evening - so sometimes I will have questions or queries to deal with regarding issues that have arisen during their assessments. 
  • Throughout the day, I will be in contact with colleagues ensuring the projects are running smoothly. I will carry out QA on DoLS projects and speak with the person carrying out the assessment or our clients at the local authority.
  •  I keep in regular contact with project workers to ensure their assessments are delivered promptly and keep them up to date with health and social care legal cases that impact their work. I am also mindful that while they are independent, they should not feel isolated – particularly during the difficulties Covid-19 has brought to many of us.


What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

It is a challenge to identify my biggest achievement to date, as I have been fortunate to have seen quite a few highlights during my life and career.

One of them was setting up IMCA services across seven local authorities when advocacy became statutory through the Mental Capacity Act coming into force back in 2007. Advocacy is important to me – it is vital that everyone has a voice or someone to support them to be heard independently of services. 

On a personal level, climbing up Crib Goch in Wales to confront my fear of heights was a great day. 


How does ICS Assessment Services make a difference for local authorities?

I believe ICS Assessment Services can make a difference to local authorities because we work in partnership with them and learn what makes them tick. Understanding this helps us support them in resolving challenges they may be facing, such as DoLS assessments, the move to LPS, or Care Act reviews, amongst others. Some of us at ICS Assessment Services, including the Head of Adult's Services and I, have worked at local authorities. We understand what it's like to be in their shoes and why developing a partnership with trust is so important to us.


What do you love about your role?

I love being part of the development of ICS Assessment Services. I have been with the company since it began (under a different brand name). At first, we were commissioned to deliver a couple of managed DoLS projects. Since then, I have seen the company evolve into different areas and grow. 


What do you wish people to know about your role?

My role is all about working as a team to deliver solutions to resolve a challenge that is facing a local authority or NHS trust. Having evolved great working relationships with our clients, it is important to me that they know we are there for them, not only to resolve challenges but to work with them during the good times in an ongoing partnership.