NSSC 2018 - only two weeks to go...

Wednesday, August 29, 2018



With only two weeks to go until the National Social Care Conference 2018, we look forward to seeing you there and meeting with all event-goers to hear about the fantastic work being undertaken in Social Care both now and in the future.

We’re excited to present our latest work with Directors, talk to you about the latest developments in providing excellent social work practice and understand your needs in an increasingly demanding and challenging market.

Some of our outcomes include:



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Achieving the best possible outcomes for Children and Families

We’ve worked with more than 30 Local Authorities on a wide range of social work projects and have most recently been commissioned by; Liverpool City Council, Sunderland City Council (Together for Children) and Middlesbrough Council, to name a few.We offer a range of models which are tailored to your needs, provide excellent value and come highly recommended by Local Authority Children’s Services we have worked with previously:

  • Edge of Care Services
  • Referral and Assessment Services and Backlogs
  • Children in Need (CIN) Services including diagnostic reviews
  • Child Protection (CP) and Safeguarding Services
  • Revocations Services


Adult Social Services: Over £3.5 million in savings made through timely, evidence-based reviews – keeping clients’ independent and safe, with a focus on provider outcomes

Up to July this year, we completed 3,700 client reviews in our Care Assessment & Review projects, and identified £3,524,359 annualised savings based on net changes to existing care packages. This represents:


  • More than £54m annualised care package costs reviewed by ICS
  • 3:1 average RoI on project costs
  • 6.5% average budgetary savings to Councils

The range and complexity of reviews are conducted across a range of client groups including Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Older People and Mental Health packages, including a range of support settings in Residential, Domiciliary Care and Supported Living. Assessments are provided for those in receipt of directly commissioned care, direct payments and personal budget allowances.



Lancashire’s County Council’s experience – Safeguarding Children’s Services

Lancashire County Council (LCC) engaged with ICS in the summer of 2017 to undertake a range of statutory work within the North region. The purpose of the project was to progress a number of cases within the county; conducting C&F assessments, complex Child in Need, Child Protection, Care Proceedings and CLA work, progressing cases to the point of closure or transfer to appropriate teams.

 ICS began this project with in October 2017, for a period of 6 months up to April 2018. Caseloads were complex and diverse and there was historic evidence of significant drift and delay within each allocated case.

In 6 months, we met all statutory timescales across a range of activities which included 20 cases with care proceedings (complex court cases allocated at the start of the project), Child & Family (C&F) Assessments, CIN and CP cases, utilising Lancashire’s Continuum of Need (CoN) in decision making at all times. We delivered a substantial amount of contact activity with vulnerable children and, of all cases held, we achieved the following outcomes:

  • 84 (43% of all cases) were progressed to the point of closure,
  • 113 (57% of all cases) were transferred at varying points.

To ensure knowledge was transferred to the Council following the project, we prepared an end of project report, delivered to senior management with our observations and recommendations for further improvements within the region.