Adults Services


Recent legislation changes, coupled with additional pressure on services (demand and contracting budgets), has left many social work departments facing a seemingly insurmountable backlog of cases or assessments. ICS Assessment Services provide the essential resources to clear backlogs of cases, help realise efficiency savings and meet statutory duties.

We have an extensive network of highly skilled and experienced social workers across the country, together with an internal team of professionals who have worked in Adult Social Care departments for a number of years; thus providing us with real insight into the demands and challenges you currently face.

Our team will work in partnership with you to assess your situation, and develop a clear plan with transparent budgets and timescales.


1500 mental health assessments completed 3000 Adult social care reviews 9000 best interests assessments completed 92% Acceptance on first submission

Our Adults’ Services include, but are not limited to:

We quantify requirements with our clients, agree a volume of work, and a fixed unit price including timescales for completion. We operate a payment-upon-delivery model, meaning that our clients are paying for tangible results.

"The solutions offered were bespoke and made with the council’s specific circumstances in mind, and meant the backlog was tackled in an impressively efficient and thorough manner on time and to budget. The quality of their assessments were excellent, and we were extremely impressed with how reliable the service was.”

Assistant Director, Midlands City Council