Children's Services


With an average career expectancy of eight years, increasing demand, budget pressures and unmanageable caseloads, these are challenging times for Children’s Services. This is further compounded by an inspection regime which often results in negative press attention.

At ICS Assessment Services, we firmly believe that getting the assessment right from the outset has a lasting impact upon the child and family’s lives and also upon the department as a whole, preventing ‘revolving door’ issues. This is why we only utilise highly experienced social workers.

The solutions we provide are bespoke and social work delivery led, to suit the specific needs of your organisation. We assemble experienced, managed teams who deliver high quality work according to clear budgets and specifications.

500 Children in need plans created 2400 cases triaged from MASH in 2017 50% Reduction in Social Worker Caseloads

Our Children's Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and Screening Services
  • Case Audits
  • Child & Family Assessments
  • Child In Need (CIN) Planning and Reviews
  • Child Protection (CP) Planning and Reviews
  • Family, Friends and Relatives Assessments
  • Consultancy and Service Building

We quantify requirements with our clients, agree a volume of work, and a fixed unit price including timescales for completion.

"Not dis-similar from the national picture, Surrey County Council’s Referral, Assessment and Intervention Service (RAIS) was experiencing drift in statutory timescales. Throughout the project the [ICS Assessments] team were extremely proactive in managing performance and communication to maximise benefits for ourselves and Surrey’s children and families.”

Surrey County Council, Assistant Director, Children’s Services and Safeguarding