Our Team


Our management team has over 50 years’ experience in health and social care delivery, from front line social work practice, workforce development and management to senior level commissioning, contracting and consulting.

John Hitchen - Head of Projects
John Hitchen

John has been leading our projects since 2015, specialising in setting up bespoke, outcome-based solutions to issues raised by local authorities regarding their backlogs in reviews, assessments and other service delivery issues.
Christine Warner - Head of Adult Services
Christine Warner
Head of Adult Services

Christine is a Senior Manager with over 25 years' operational experience in the adult social care sector, managing local authority statutory social work and integrated health services.
Emma Blakemore - Head of Children's Services
Emma Blakemore
Head of Children's Services

Emma is a Senior Manager with extensive experience as our Head of Children’s Services in Project Work covering Assessment backlogs, Duty and Assessment Services, CIN and CLA projects.
Simon Whitaker -
            Consultancy Manager
Simon Whitaker
Consultancy Manager

Simon is a managing consultant and business development professional with a track record of project delivery across Health and Social Care, focusing on strategic and operational improvements in the public sector.
Elly Davis - DOLS Project
Elly Davis
DoLS Project Lead

Elly was formerly the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) Lead Officer for Salford City Council for over 5 years, and now leads on providing supervision, training and guidance to our Best Interests Assessors for ICS Assessment Services.
Joe Nolan - Project Consultant
Joe Nolan
Project Consultant

With extensive experience in the social work sector across Children’s and Adults’ services, Joe works across the North and East of England, providing bespoke, specialist projects in Adults' and Children's social work services.

Kathryn Breen - Delivery Team Manager

Kathryn Breen
Project Delivery Manager

As a PRINCE2 Practitioner, Kathryn oversees our project co-ordination team, ensuring the highest quality of service is delivered to our clients. Kathryn has a detailed knowledge of Adults and Children's social care processes and client management systems.