Expert health and social care delivery

We are ICS Assessment Services. We work with the health and social care sector to make a positive, lasting impact on people and communities nationwide. Our management team has over 50 years’ experience in the health and social care market, delivering flexible, value-for-money services and sustainable change. We support organisations by:



Significantly reducing assessment backlogs



Increasing throughput and managing demand


Reducing budgetary pressures


Improving quality of services and outcomes


Given the rising demand for forward-looking, innovative and sustainable solutions focused on quality and cost effectiveness in the public sector, our breadth and depth of expertise can provide a range of options to meet your needs, with dedicated project support staff and associates on hand to support your situation.

Since January 2015 we have worked with over 30 Local Authorities, delivering assessment and review services to over 14,000 individuals, and employing over 200 qualified staff in our projects. We do this by delivering services that support individuals, local communities and regional networks, while helping you manage demand, improving your service and meet financial objectives.



Delivering tailored, budgeted solutions to Adults and Children’s Services


We specialise in bespoke projects – our expertise and extensive resources allow us to provide support specifically tailored to your organisation, and to deliver effective results every time. 
Our core services include:


• Review and Assessment Services and backlogs

• Best Interest and Mental Health Assessment

• Outsources DoLS Services

• S117 and Mental Health Act Assessments

• Referral / Assessment backlogs and Duty             

• Drift in CIN and CP cases and statutory timescales

• LAC Repatriation

• Family Intervention at the 'Edge of Care'

• Hospital Discharge and Admission Avoidance

• Rapid Response / Care Assessment and Brokerage Service

• Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Assessments

• Individual backlogs or combined objective reviews with social care

• Performance Diagnostic and Service review

• Cost Review, Audit and Fee Negotiation Service

• Business Process Redesign

• Productivity Improvement and Workforce Optimisation
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